What is PURAURA?

PURAURA is a family-owned and operated plant-based health business that is committed to revolutionizing the industry through integrity, transparency, and community. The brand is driven by real stories from real people, whose lives have been positively impacted through real results.

PURAURA was created by professionals who each had powerful and personal natural remedy experiences of their own, and knew that a transparent brand that created elevated products could genuinely embolden customer’s minds, bodies, and spirits.

Why are we giving away FREE products?

At first glance, we may seem crazy for doing this. After all, isn’t the entire point of a business to sell products, not give them away? At PURAURA we believe a company is responsible for more than quick sales and short-term profits.

We understand that the natural remedy industry can be a confusing and, at times, daunting place. That’s why we built PURAURA on transparent integrity, and why we won’t be charging you for your first PURAURA product.


We already know the basics: drink lots of water, exercise often, and always choose the apple over the jelly donut even though you really, really want it. But how healthy are you really once we strip away the protein shakes and ginkgo biloba? What are your biggest at-risk areas? Which free health solution will have the greatest effects on your health?

Our personalized quiz has been designed to assess your overall health and lifestyle habits to determine the best natural supplement to boost your quality of life. Some questions may seem a little personal, but they’re intended to give you a highly personalized result. Your answers are always safe with us (sharing is caring, except when it’s with a third party.)

Let’s get personal, shall we?

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